Narai-Juku Tourist Infomation

The way to Minshiku Shimada from Narai station

You can come to Shimada in about 5 minutes from Narai station.

This is the door of Shimada. Please find this shop curtain on your left hand side.

Way to Shimada from Narai station

This is inside of Narai station.

After get out the station, turn left and go straight.

Go straight this way.

You can find the monument of Narai juku on your left hand side.
Go straight same way.

Go to this way.

Shimada is behind of the status of raccoon and the lamp with carved moon&stars.

Same View at night.

This is appearance of Shimada.

Appearance of Shimada at night.

This is entrance of Shimada.
Please call someone when you arrive here.Staff will come soon!

Welcome to Minshuku Shimada !
We hope you to have a great time here.
Thank you.